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About us:

For international e-commerce businesses, CIRRO is a top provider of cross-border infrastructure services, delivering unrivalled logistics and fulfilment options. CIRRO E-Commerce and CIRRO Fulfilment are two of its sub-brands. In North America, Europe, and Oceania, we provide small package delivery services and omnichannel fulfilment solutions. The following markets are ones to which we give top priority.For us, a vital factor is client happiness. By creating core competences, creating user-centered products, and providing customization, we put a priority on client happiness and global fulfillment. Your comments are helpful to us and allow us to continually improve our retail logistics services and our fulfillment partner.



Our staff works with you to understand your needs and challenges. As your needs change, including delivery dates, travel routes, and order volume, we build effective and affordable logistical solutions.For more than 15,000 international clients, we process more than 1.2 million packages per day with 98.5% on-time delivery. Our track record is ensured through data visualization, end-to-end operations monitoring, and partnerships with leading last-mile carriers.


New Horizons:

“We are thrilled to have introduced our Intra-Canada E-Commerce Shipping Service to the Canadian market,” said Vincent D’Amato, Head of Sales at CIRRO E-Commerce N.A. This isn’t simply a product launch; it also represents our constant dedication to the success of our clients. We are certain that this ground-breaking solution will enable Canadian 3PL firms and online retailers to communicate with clients more quickly and effectively than ever before. CIRRO E-Commerce is able to offer best-in-class delivery services to US online retailers, e-commerce fulfilment providers, and digital shipping platforms because to its dynamic IT platform and strong alliances with final-mile carriers across the U.S., Canada, Europe, the UK, and many other areas. And we also work with established logistics companies such as yun express.



Our company is extremely strict when it comes to work ethic, and we make sure that our customers don’t have any problems with our global fulfillment services we prioritize making sure that everything is easy to find and if you have further questions about our global fulfillment services then all you have to do is just get in contact with us using the tab on the right of our website that will give you all the information you need and if you want answers regarding the service you are using right now then all you have to do is use our customer support to get all the necessary answers to your questions without any problems.



North America, specifically the United States, Canada, and Mexico, is completely covered by our presence. We can assist you transport your packages to or from these nations and manage your domestic shipments thanks to our seven logistics hubs in the US, one in Canada, and one in Mexico.

In addition, there are 30 fulfilment centres with a combined size of 630,000 m2 spread over the southern, eastern, western, and central US, five in Canada, and one in Mexico. This makes it possible for your items to be shipped to customers effectively.



E-commerce logistics, at its heart, includes the design, implementation, and administration of many procedures that guarantee the effective and timely delivery of goods to clients.Exact inventory management is the first step in e-commerce logistics. In fulfilment centres or warehouses, products are monitored, arranged, and kept to guarantee their accessibility for client orders.E-commerce logistics are a factor when a client puts an order. Orders are checked for accuracy, chosen, packed, and shipped, frequently within a few hours.To make sure that items arrive at consumers’ doorsteps on time and in the best possible condition, logistics coordinates the choice of shipping options, carriers, and routes.






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